Riding a bicycle might be dangerous especially when it’s dark. And maybe each of us once heard the phrase, “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” The least you can do to increase your safety is to follow a few simple rules. Here are some tips, which will help you and your child to be safe and visible on the road.

1. Wear a helmet!

You are not a kid, right? You know how to ride a bike, so why should you wear a helmet? BUT… it is not just you on the road. Accidents happen all the time and you might not be a cause of an accident, but you cannot control other people and their behavior. It can be a fast car driver or a runner listening to music smashing into you. So, wearing a helmet can be a lifesaving decision, especially for the kids which are not as visible on the road as adults.

2. Be seen!

LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHT! There is never enough light when it comes to riding a bike in the dark. Front lights, back lights, LED turn signal reflective vest and LED bracelets. Feeling like a firefly? Oh, rather having a LED party on the bike than feeling sorry! And by the way these lights look amazing! Here are tips how you should pick the right bicycle lights for your night ride!

FRONT LIGHTS (also called SEE lights)

You want to have enough illumination distance to ensure you can see potential obstacles or hazards and have enough time to stop safety. But do not try to override your front lights. Don’t have any yet? Look at our here.

BACK LIGHTS (also called BE SEEN lights)

These lights allows you to be seen by drivers at night. The blinking effect can aid in getting driver’s fast attention. Yes, the blinking effect is something, your back light should definitely have! Look at our nice DOFIX RED bicycle rear light here

LED signaling vest

You are probably used to show by your hands if you turn to the left or to the right. This is an old school way! Your hands are not much visible when the dark comes. There isn’t better way how to show where you are driving thanks to LED wireless signaling vests. They are easy to control while riding your bike and they fit even to children. Check our wireless DOFIX LED reflective vest here.

LED bracelets

Riding a bike is a just one way how to use the LED bracelets. This accessory is perfect when you go running, for a walk with your children or whenever when you are out at dark. These LED bracelets can be pinned to your child’s backpack, to your stroller, to the hands and ankles or to your bike. An advantage of LED bracelets is the LED light inside which is emitting the light by itself not just reflecting the light.

Want to be seen on the road properly? Take our special offer with a discount on our BE SAFE or BE SEEN packages with everything you need to be visible on the road!

3. Go with the traffic flow and be predictable

No surprises, please! No jumping in the middle of the road, no overtaking from the right side, etc. Just be predictable and go with the flow. This is one of the examples when behaving as a sheep pays off!

4. Do not listen to the music

A hearing, one of the most important senses when it comes to safety while riding a bike. Sounds and voices can warn you when danger appears. Maybe you love listening music or listening podcasts and we totally understand that. You can have a pleasure of both, a listening to your favorite songs and being aware of danger if you will reduce the volume a little. It is just a small step towards your safety.

5. Try to use mainly bike lanes or designed bike routes

Be where you are meant to be! Being on a highway is not much safe, right? So, why to take the risk when there are so many bicycle tracks around. Use them as much as possible to lower the risk of being hit by a car or drive over the pedestrian. Moreover, on the bike routes, you don’t have to be as much careful as on the regular road and you can enjoy your ride even more!

6. Obey signs and traffic lights

Nothing is clearer than this advice. Always obey the signs and follow the traffic lights. No matter how much do you rush, it doesn’t worth being sorry later. There is no excuse for not following the rules. Make sure that your kid knows how the signs and traffic lights work. Kids are small and not as visible as adults. Educating your children properly is one of the best safety precautions you can imagine. Another would be safety equipment like helmets, protectors, bicycle LED lights, wireless LED turn signal vests and LED bracelets.

7. Don’t ride too close to the parked cars

These accidents happen more often than you would expect! They might not be deadly, but still, they can cause ugly injuries, so you won’t ride your bike for a while. Please, also remind your kids to keep a distance from the parked cars. Prevention increases the safety of your child.

You see, it doesn’t take much. It’s just a few rules towards better safety on the bike. Start with our good offer with a discount on our BE SAFE or BE SEEN packages with everything you need to be visible on the road! Fine-tune your bike and fine-tune your style on the road.

Be safe. Be seen. DOFIX