About us

Our Company

Dofix is a young and dynamic Belgian company, that produces safety products for vulnerable road users and outdoor sportsmen and women.

When we steer our way through traffic on dark mornings or evenings, this is not without danger for the vulnerable road users amongst us.

Fortunately, with an elegant, cool and striking range of accessories, Dofix has made vulnerable road users visible in traffic.

Children who are walking or cycling, dog or pony walkers, sportsmen and women who run a few more kilometres in the evenings, are almost invisible in the dark.

The products offered by Dofix mean that this is a thing of the past.

As well as our Bike Locks and Dofix LED solutions, our new Dofix LED bracelets are a huge hit on the market. You can choose between two models: a model that clicks automatically around your arm and a model with an adjustable elastic strap. The bracelets come in a range of striking colours and can easily be placed around a bag or your arm.

An evening walk with your dog or pony? Don’t forget to make sure they’re wearing their Dofix band to ensure they’re clearly visible too !

The bracelets haven’t only proven their worth in traffic, but are great for other uses too, for example :

- when skiing down the slopes, enabling you to recognise one another from a distance.

- waiters working the nightshift wear our LED bracelets.

Whether for an individual or a group, Dofix has the perfect solution.